The Raya Sun Rises Again

If you do notice, there's something unnatural has appeared on this blog. Or, may be not, yet, 'coz it is located at the bottom of this post. Okay, I have been coming across too many blogs having Facebook Like buttons and geez, of course I want that so damn hell much too! Well, maybe not that much. I always over express things, you know, but that's only when I do which is not most of the time meaning that it is not actually 'always' as I tend to say things the other way around when it comes to saying things, for sure.

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Facebook Like button is not just a blog fashion to me though. When you readers don't leave comments (this is sad and pathetic and I wanna cry), you can at least click on the like button to, of course, say that you like it. So, don't click it if you don't like it. Still, I'm wondering whether Dislike button will come to existence or not. That seems a better way of expressing it. Yes! RAGE!! RAGE!! RAGE!! Well, not really. It's because of these types of people who..
1. [Like] - Ah, this is good! Gotta click the Like button! Damn, how come I can only click once??? Me want moooreee!
2. [Dislike] - Geez, this is such a crap. What a waste of time! Where's the Dislike button? Where? Where? Where??? Aarrghhh! Now I am angry.
3. [Heartless] - ... (They just don't feel anything at all. Heartless, yeah)
Anyhow, I would really appreciate it if you do click like on all my each post starting from my very 1st one on 2007 until now.

Holiday's just started. Gonna be back home in a few days. Today, let's go to Lowyat. I'm thinking of buying a broadband modem as the WiFi here is too damn good at making we, users, frustrated. Hurm, maybe there will also be a post about WiFi here. I don't know, just hope then. Oh, I might also need to find a power supply for the broken computer at home. Till later.

Okay, like this one!

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September 27, 2010 at 5:23 PM miss nureen said...

nah amek..
siye bbudop..

September 27, 2010 at 8:01 PM Farhan said...

wawawa. terharunya. mekasih! hahaha. napok desop molep

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