Moving On

's about minutes before 28 December, and it would officially be the 12th day since Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia 2009 ended. Okay, seriously, I don't even know why am I counting the days. Shouldn't I just move on with life and don't even bother of it anymore? Haha. (You haven't got your result yet, dude!) Okay, I don't know even know how could I come up with that title. Let's not think of it though, that's a lot better.

Yesterday, I was off to Driving School for my car license. (Just checked up their website just now. It doesn't look gorgeous, at all) I don't feel like promoting it here though, unless they pay me to do so. Oh yess, I need money right now haha. That day, I set out at about 8, I suppose. Pretty lucky, I was for there wasn't so much people at the moment. I don't even know why. Then, going through the procedures, registering, paying and signed in for the boring workshop in Hall B.

I was in the hall at 8.45am. Some moments earlier when I was outside, I was told it would start on 9am. Great, 15 minutes of wait, doing nothing except for looking around and watching TV programmes for kids, was really dull. But, it didn't even start at 9. 9.05am, a man came in, saying that the workshop participants could get off the chair, going for drinks or something as the programme would start on 9.20am. Another minutes and seconds of my life came to waste there. Not many people that feel like going out though.

In the hall, there are a bunch of 3 chinese girls sitting on their very own chair with something on their "desk". One had a comic book in her hand, the other one was with her diary and a notebook and the last one was holding some kind of paper that I didn't know what is it was for. They kept on doing their business and once in a while chatted among them meanwhile the others were not really doing a thing (They watched crappy TV programmes, texting, and blinking into the space) There was really a difference that I felt.

9.20am, an other man came in, and begin his talk for the workshop at 9.35am (I was told that it was lucky early though it missed the track) after babbling about some morons who caused some problems for busting into the wrong workshop hall and brought troubles on the attendance report. The workshop was quite boring, but I did got something from it. Well, just a few. After the session in the hall, we had our recess on 11.10am and the workshop was continued outdoor at 11.40am, learning some stuffs about the car. Some minutes before 1pm, the workshop finally ended. After signing out with the thumbprint things, I just got home straightaway.

Lepas-lepas ni buat lesen treler la pulak

What a dull story haha.

My class memoribilia was finally finished. Looking forward to have a view of it in the magazine next year. Thanks Asree for the design (I stole these from your blog haha). Thanks 5 Syariah Science Makkah. Thanks for the pics Fawwaz.

Some matters of perwakilan things still need to be sorted out though. As you can see, I've removed the Adsense Ads from this blog. It was just some kind of test which didn't result in a good way haha. Still, I haven't get started with a niche blog. Better start early for it was really a matter of time that it needs. By the way, Karisma English Explored class starts tomorrow. I should not bet late haha. Let's see who would tomorrow.

p.s : What the? This post, I mean. What? LOL
p.s.s: Thinking of changing the layout. Going through first pages of Deluxe Templates and found the one that "jire 41" was currently using.

Vitamic C - Graduation Song

Photo courtesy of Fayezart

Vitamin C - Graduation Song (Friends Forever)


18 December 2009, 11.45pm : First Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) appeared

Fasa Hidup Yang Baru

aبسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Masuk hari ini, sudah dua hari aku bebas dari belenggu kejam Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia tahap pertama. Tahap kedua akan menyusul pula tahun hadapan, keputusan SPM 2009. Bagaimanakah agaknya hasil-hasil semaian aku nanti. Baikkah? Burukkah? Lakukah? Atau sekadar buangan di tepi jalan? Macam-macam masih lagi boleh berlaku. InsyaALLAH ianya tidak mengecewakan.

Seperti biasa bagi kebanyakan lepasan SPM yang lain, aku punya masa kosong yang amat walaupun sudah rancang nak buat itu dan ini. Jadi, hanging out adalah salah satu benda yang wajib dilakukan oleh kebanyakan yang senasib denganku kan? Haha. Semalam ada outing session dengan geng-geng anak ikan emas, ambil gambar itu gambar ini. Tapi aku tak rasa macam nak tulis pasal tu disebabkan aku takde gambar-gambar semalam. (Fawwaz! Nabil! Nak gambar! haha) Tapi aweglemor kita ada sediakan something untuk tatapan penonton seluruh pelusuk dunia kat sini.

Tahun Baru Hijrah juga telah menjelma. Jadi, sempena tahun baru ni juga aku dah bagi sepersalinan pakaian baru untuk Emma, Windows Seven Ultimate. Pakaian lamanya, Windows Vista Ultimate sudah kubakar hidup-hidup.


Hey hey~
Tapi satu je yang aku tak berkenan dengan pakaian baru Emma ni. Windows Experience Index Rating dia turun dari 4.0 dalam Vista kepada 3.9 dalam Seven. (Ala, rating pun bukannya tinggi) Nasib baiklah aku bukan seorang gamer. Cukuplah setakat ini bagi post kali ni. Sebabnya post ni adalah untuk memecah keheningan di blog ni setelah hampir 3 bulan dibiarkan kesunyian. Pergh, lama gila haha. That's it.

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