So Oldish!

The days of this year is about ending. Pretty soon I guess. There's so much thing that I've gone through, yet there is something more ahead, waiting to be discovered haha. BTW, bukan lelaki was so wired yesterday that he rambled codswallop in English. Well, I got carried away too LOL. At least I had someone for that. Oh, I had something that afternoon.

Yesterday, my former classmates held our annual party. Well, sort of. It was at A.M.Tarbush. That was the first time I reached there heh. Some of us weren't there not even the teachers, making it not really much happening. The place was quite nice though, not to mention the dishes haha. I'd so much appetite hehe. We were there not quite long or we'd be charged with extra fees. Heck. We better go home than paying more haha.

A couple of days ago, I was at my uncle's. There, I found his unused ancient computer haha. Well, it was so old, that's why. Really really oldish! Adding to the bittersweet part, it was left untouched under the stairs, not functioning and dusty. IDK since when it did exist and I'm just too lazy to search for that LOL. I then brought it home to look at it. Just to look at haha. Attached to this thing odd ports and slots. Here are some photos of this old-fashioned machine that I feel like sharing hehe. It might be an older version of SDRAM that I've known. Maybe.

Keyboard port
RAM and whatever slots LOL
p.s : Who want this? LOL

Another Eid Update

It's 10th Syawal and I've got another post about Eid. This time, I'm writing about the occasion I've had here, my neighburhood, just this morning. As ever, residents of TGB (this is the initials of my neighbourhood. Of what words? Discover it yourself haha) would occasionally hold some feast when it's Eid or whatsoever that deserves celebrations. This morning, the sixth Eid feast was held at the President's of the neighbourhood committee.

Well...It seems that I've been living here for quite long haha. As usual, for such occasion, all people will cooperate to make it enjoyful. And, no need telling, that's the most important thing here. IDK about other places but that's what happens here. Cooperation, concerning each others and whatsoever.

Most of the residents were there that morning, in their fair (still) Raya dressings. Before the feast started, the women were busy at the kitchen, for sure, whilst some men were tied up to serve it. Even, some folks were busy with the PA System which at first, wasn't working LOL. They tried a few mics in case some might be damaged but that failed. Until then, it somehow did work. Don't ask me how. I wasn't in charge for that.

As was common, such occasion started with some prayer followed by the President's short speech. That's not the main point we were there. Food. We want to eat LOL. And then came the awaited moment of food haha. They served nasi dagang, satay, soto and some other non-important dishes haha. Well...Satay seems to be such a compulsory menu. They have it every year! I don't care about that though as long as it's pleasing LOL.

For kids, they got some activites too. Blowing balloons and gifts. Heh. Oh... Did I tell you about that Lucky Draw? Urm... I've started getting bored writing this LOL. I felt that this time this feast ended so soon. Well...Maybe because of that it was Friday and men are going to mosques for Jumaat Prayer. So that's just all... Do expect nothing more haha. BTW, sorry that i can't upload the photos now. My damned C: partition is lacking of free disk space and I can't open Adobe Photoshop to resize and edit those photos LOL. Maybe later eh

p.s : I've just known that there are so many types of satays when I open that Wiki page haha

p.s.s : Who's willing to give me a hard disk? hehe (I prefer a new one LOL)

Tag : Tagged For The Very First Time

Yet again, I'm still online, posting new updates though the situation is currently at stake haha. Thanks to the guy hehe. Without him, you won't be reading this post now LOL. BTW, I've been considering on migrating to Wordpress recently, for some reasons. Be that as it may, I am somewhat heavy-hearted to leave Blogger. Isk. (Now here's the melancholic part haha) I might postpone it then. Maybe when I get my own paid domain and hosting? Haha. Wordpress is good though. It has more features then Blogger. I'm just so used with Blogger but it doesn't matter as Wordpress is much easier. Okay, keep that Wordpress thing for later.

A few days ago, i've been tagged by Tsaqif who informed me about that through YM haha. Well, this is my first time being tagged and I don't actually know how fun it is (Maybe not at all eheh. However, that shows that people notice your blog right?). About this tag, I was confronted with damn 20 numerous questions. That takes much of my time to answer, not to mention translating the all the questions into English so that they're compatible with this blog haha. Allright, I've got nothing to ramble and here it is :

1. What is the most important thing in your life?
My soul! haha

2. What is the very last thing you bought with your own money?
Urm... IDK. Just can't remember it.

3. Where is your wished wedding ceremony location?
Somewhere memorable. Any idea? haha

5. Are you in love?
Heck no

6. The last restaurant you had dinner?
New Horizon Garden (I was forced to pay for that LOL)

7. Name the last book you bought.
Refer to the second question's answer haha

8. What is your full name?
Let me check my IC first LOL

9. Father and mother. Who do you prefer?
My mother. But that doesn't mean that I can't go along with my father.

10. Name a person you wish to meet in your life for the first time.
Rasulullah S.A.W. Hoping that he can turn me into a much better person. It's a mere hope though.

11. Christina atau Britney?
Don't give them a damn. Who are they? Haha

12. Do you do your own laundry?
Rarely cause my maid named Washing Machine helps me a lot with this.

13. The most exciting place you're longing to go?
Mecca and Medina, to perform my Hajji. And then Europe, Japan etc

14. Hugs or kisses?
What the hell

15. Mention 5 things about the person who tagged you.
1. He is male haha
2. Shy?
3. Good at politic eheh. (Wanz, you're still way ahead though haha)
4. Not disabled
5. Stays at school hostel LOL

16. 8 things I am passionate about.
Why should it be 8? I don't like that number haha. Urm...What eh?
1. Internet
2. Computer
3. Harry Potter
4. Art
5. I'm stuck here LOL

17. 8 words that I often say.
It's the damn number 8 again.
I'll upload my voice recording later haha

18. 8 most recent books I've read.
What about e-books? Is it included?
1. Answers to Non-Muslims by Dr Zakir Naik
2. BTW, this doesn't really matter right? You're not going to buy books that I read. I'll stop here then haha

19. 8 songs that I can listen to relentlessly.
Well...I can't list them all down spesifically. I just can't. As long as they please my ears.

19. 8 things that I learnt last year.
I've got to go back to last year first.

20. 8 victims to tag
Urm. I don't think I know someone to tag back. I'm just a newcomer in Blogosphere eheh. Well...Okay...In order to complete answering this, I'll tag :

1. Harry Potter
2. Hermione Granger
3. Ronald Weasly
4. Daniel Radclife
5. Emma Watson
6. Rupert Grint
7. Albus Dumbledore
8. Hagrid
9. Voldemort (Does he blog too?)
10. Tom Marvolo Riddle
11. David Yates
12. David Heyman
13. Joanne Kathlene Rowling

Oh no! I've exceeded the limit haha. Nevermind. I've done answering my first tag. Maybe I'll get new ones later LOL.

p.s : I've just known that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows film will be separated into two parts. What damn lame late. The 1st part will be published on November 2010 while the second one is on May 2011. It's good, I suppose. The next movies won't be desperately short just as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix then. And, fans of Harry Potter will have to linger for a while before bidding Good Bye to their favourite fiction sequels.

p.s.s : Should I add Bill Gates and Steve Jobs on that list?

p.s.s.s : Don't you have any shorter tags? LOL

Salam Eid Mubarak

It's the 5th day of Syawal already and I'm just about to wish Happy Eid ul-Fitr. What the heck? I've been thwarted from updating due to the hustle bustle Eid Days, internet connection and so on. However, it's not too late for the wish right? We still got 25 days remaining. Hell yeah, though the examination's creeping closer and closer and still, I'm not yet ready even a smidgen! Arh... I'm doomed.

Anyway, to those who know me, I'm asking for your forgiveness as usual haha. We won't ever escape from doing mistakes and we won't always manage to please everyone. I confess that. (And don't you deny that you aren't hehe) The holidays for Eid was just too short that I wasn't able to have actual visits to houses of friends, relatives, teachers etc. Geez. That's not the main point should you bother now. Examination's coming and you're hoping for a walk? Haha

This time Eid Ul-Fitr was a bit different than before. We were way busier for a feast of my late family member not to mention the aqiqah of my new cousin (who's old already I suppose). Adding to the chaos, the awaited arrived with rain. It wasn't bad though. Besides, the noon was utter hot (high temperature) just before the water droplets fall. That pleased us. What a relief.

During last Ramadan, I did feel like designing some Eid e-card or something. But, due to the unwilling situations, the plan'd been cancelled. Isk. I don't think that I could upload it just before Eid and this post proves that. I bet that my internet routine will be stable 5 November LOL.

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