My CPU's Alive

My CPU's been dusty for quite a time. Hence, I thought that she needed my soft touch to clean her. Haha. Yeah, I've been cleaning it but not truly intensively. I don't have the proper tools for that. I just used anything useful than. I'll teach you how to clean your crappy CPU. No. That's not aim of this post.

I'd done cleaning that boxy loveable thing when it was time to start it up again. All the parts are in one piece again. I started it up. Nothing fishy. Gone through the BIOS and a few moments before the boot screen.

Zap ( I can't write the sound LOL )

The monitor went blank and the CPU died. Damn. What happened? I tested everything to solve that. I started it again and the same thing happened again and again. Time flew by when I started to lose hope haha. I observed all the parts, sockets and everything. All was fine. They were where they should be. It seemed to be because of the power supply. But hey, I spotted something. One of my CPU Fan wire (black colour) was under the heatsink. Damn. How careless I was.

I removed it from there and...VOILA! It worked. (Yeah, for sure you blockhead) So, that's all. Nothing more LOL.

Moral : Work carefully haha.

p.s : That sucks

Resting. Ramadan's ending

Finally, my Firefox managed to break through the net after a few days of rest. Crap. Due to some problems that I don't feel like telling, I can't access the net. I feel better now though. Thanks to the guy! Haha. Who is he? He is no angel. Just a guy. Lol. (To the intended person; I can see your nostrils are expanding and shrinking again and again, relentlessly! haha ) By the way, thanks for this. Gosh. I've never thought that I would say this. Damn. I grabbed the chance to update my pitifully longing blog. The holiday's about to start. Yeah, I'm pretty excited. Am i? Nah.. Doesn't feel like it haha. I'm currently involved in some projects. Arh. It's dangerous for my study.

We had some Eid wishing today. The Ramadan's going to the end already. So fast isn't it? I don't think I've spent the time well. Nevermind. Hope you do have worthy moments though. Back to the story, we got an extremely long queue of students waiting to wish the teachers before the holiday, (No photos, sorry) inviting each other to the houses, hand shaking, embracing and whatsoever. Great moment it was. But, remember, we have to fast still. And study more too. The examination's lurking haha. It's quite scary to fail. Oh no.

I feel like having more walk this year. Beware guys. You might found me standing in front of your house LOL. Happy Fasting to the end people. No skipping hehe. Happy Eid ul-Fitr. (5 more days to go la)

p.s : I haven't got my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yet. ****. Anyone generous? Hehe

Fasting : Why?

It's already 12 Ramadhan, meaning that all Muslims all over the world have been fasting for 12 days. (Who don't go away. Come back later. Haha) Yeah, that's true. But why do we fast? Common answers that we may get is just because it's a command of our God. Well, that's obliviously true. but will He just ordered it for no reasons? Absolutely NOT. There must be something meaningful hidden behind all His actions. Muslims (who can) fast from dawn till dusk in Ramadhan every year. So people, they don't die because of fasting. Muslims will break their fasting when it's Maghrib (dusk) and started it again when it's dawn.

I know that many people think that fasting is such a bullshit. Well, if that 'bullshit' is good for you why must you hate it then? Most Muslims fast only because they're ordered to do so, ignoring the main objectives of it, making their fasting imperfect. Be that as it may, they do get the medical benefit of fasting. By the way, I feel like writing only some goodness of fasting in health and humanity aspects.

Fasting and Health
Fasting had been introduced to medical world for such a long time. Even animals instinctively fast when sick and many ancient healers used fasting as a medicinal remedy. Hippocrates, father of western medicine and the famous physician of ancient Greece, often prescribed fasting. Paracelsus, another great healer in the Western tradition, wrote 500 years ago that “fasting is the greatest remedy, the physician within." Ayurvedic medicine, the world's oldest healing system, has long advocated fasting as a major treatment. However, Muslims' fasting are different from some rigorous fasting of the non-Muslims.

When fasting, Muslims basically miss lunch and take an early breakfast and do not eat until dusk. Abstinence from water during this period is not bad at all. It causes concentration of all fluids within the body which then produces slight dehydration. The body has its own water conservation, though. And you know what, slight dehydration and water conservation, at least in plant life, improve their longevity.

Oh no! I think that sounds like a doctor. LOL. But hang on. There's something more. Fasting also lower blood sugar, cholestrol and systolic blood pressure (What's this?). That seems good for diet. :) In fact, based on extensive studies of researchers all over the world, Muslims and non-Muslims, it's proven that in no way did fasting worsem any patient's health or baseline medical condition. Now you see that. However, people in critical condition should not try to fast. Do it at your own risk. Haha.

Fasting also affects psychological aspect. There is peace for those who fast during Ramadhan. Minimum personal hostility and low crime rate. Well, that could be related to stabilized blood glucose during fasting as hypoglycemia after eating, aggravates behaviour changes. It seems that I've started writing peculiar words.

Muslims will obtain tranquility of heart and mind when reciting the Quran not to mention that it improves the memory. Healthy Muslims should not fear becoming weak by fasting as that should improve their health and stamina. And I think that I've run out of words to write about this.

Humanity Aspect
When fasting, Muslims should leave all bad things and try to have a greater control over themselves, apart experiencing how does it feel, even a smidgen, to be in unlucky humankinds' situation. Have you ever think what poor people feel when they can't eat, got nothing to swallow? (Yeah, yeah, yeah. Old folks always go on about this) You won't be reading this if you've died because of starvation. Well, at least, we should be happy and grateful to have food to survive. Be thankful with what we got.

When fasting, Muslims ought to control their passion of whatever. Control you anger, patience. Be a better person, considerate, patient. No insult, cheating, and whatsoever. Well, IDK how to elaborate this LOL.

However, I hope you can see that fasting, especially for Muslims, is not useless. It's no bullshit. Even non-Muslims approve it. And hopefully, all Muslims can carry it out sincerely and put all the efforts to make it worthwhile.

p.s : I miss something? I'm wrong? Oh no! Correct me!

Video Review : Sigg Jones

You know what, I came across this video when I was straying on the Internet. The screenshots that I saw had somehow managed to attract me watch it. Haha. For sure. Who wouldn't be tempted when looking at beautifully designed 3D characters.

Sigg Jones is actually a short non-commercial 3D animation created by 3 students from France who loves sneakers (Puma, Adidas, Nike and whatsoever). The characters in this animation are neatly created. The part that I like the most is that Pink Nike shoes. They're cool man! The fighting scene was really nice too. Besides, this Sigg Jones had won some awards. I can't remember what though. Just log on to the website to find that out. Watch it here or below.

Sigg Jones from Asterokid on Vimeo.

p.s : What'd happen to Saladin?

Happy Ramadhan

The awaited Holy Ramadhan has finally come! Yeah, I know that it's already the 8th fasting day for Muslims this year. But I don't think that it is already late to celebrate its coming. I've actually planned to publish this post on yesterday, 7 Ramadhan but something screwed it up, delaying my blog update. Nevermind. Hopefully the forthcoming days are lots better.

Anyway, Muslims should have not waste the enormous opportunities available in this month. The ibadah, prayer and whatsoever should be increased in order to gain all the reward that the God offers only in this blessed month. Zikr, terawih, tadarus etc. There are so much things that we can do. (Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everyone knows this.)

Besides, for those bad people (no offence!) and Muslims (including me), this month is the most appropriate time to change ourselves to better ones. Not that we can't on the other month. Allah will always receive out taubah, except for the ones whose their heart have been closed. Pity them.

I hope that you perform your fasting well for the whole month, not even leaving one day! (well, except for some persons that are not required to be told) One question that has always been confusing me is, why there is some of those stupid not-fasting people that buy food in the daytime? They know that they're actually facing with the risk of being caught not to mention that there's always another way to get food. Are they that stupid? IDK. You tell me.

p.s : The attendance for terawih at mosques has started decreasing recently. Maybe that would increase again on the last 10 days of Ramadhan. Oh human.

p.p.s : I'm thinking of designing some cards or something.

Malaysia. Anniversary

Finally, Malaysia's peak moments of 51st Ulang Tahun Kemerdekaan had finally gone. Yeah, we should be utter proud of that, for sure. After a lot of melancholic parts, hardship, and struggles for liberty experienced by our ancestors, which had coloured our homeland path, we can finally utter "Merdeka" gleefully. However, are we truly, really really truly "merdeka"? If you ask me, it seems to be no.

We all have been educated with our dignified country's history since childhood. In addition, we should be proud gaining all this freedom without losing much life. Information can always be manipulated, though. We've never been in their shoes. We can never feel what they faced. I'm not going to babble about this. I don't want you to puke here reading all the same thing with the one at school.

On the eve of the 51st Ulang Tahun Kemerdekaan, I was watching the boxy TV; there were concerts held around "ibu negara", celebrating the historical moments. People were packed everywhere, man and women, muhrims and non-muhrims. IDK how many of them had been there sheer early only to be at the front. And I also don't know how many Muslims left their prayer that night. I did watched Meet Uncle Hussin perfomed (on TV, for sure). One of their song was entitled "Saya Anak Malaysia". It wasn't a really good song but I don't even care about that. It's just that, when the band was right there up on the stage, performing that song, I could see the vocalist was jeling-jeling at the lyrics. He even muted for some moments. Tak sempat berlatih kot.

Someone : The song's title is "Saya Anak Malaysia". But what the hell is the appearance of them? It's not truly Malaysians'.

Happy Merdeka Day! though
(should get a patriotism injection)

I suggest you to read this : Counterfeited History? at Harakahdaily.Net. Not that I'm being at either side by this but that could make you think.

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