The 3rd Day of Raya is Gone and It's Fantastic

Been reading those last posts, and I've just noticed that most of are so full of nonsense, crappy things and topics. Especially the one right before this. Haha. And, oh, people (read:you) read them. Uh, I don't know how much crappier that would be. Haha. No offense!

So, there's no nonsense post today but I've come across a tumblr page and ended up reading a dialogue somewhere else..
[Hermione has run off from a Quidditch celebration party after seeing Ron kiss Lavender Brown. Harry finds her in a classroom with some birds flying around her.]
Hermione: (Her voice sounding choked up from crying) Charms spell. I'm just practicing.
Harry: Well, they're really good. (sits down)
Hermione: (tearfully) How does it feel, Harry? When you see Dean with Ginny? I know. I see the way you look at her. You're my best friend.
[Ron and Lavender come running in, laughing. Harry glares at them.]
Lavender: Oops! I think this room's taken! (runs off)
Ron: What's with the birds?
[Hermione stands up angrily.]
Hermione: Oppugno.
[Ron runs off and the birds chase him, crashing into the door. Ron leaves. Hermione sits down and starts to cry again.]
Harry: [As she sobs into his shoulder] It feels like this.
So that is a scene from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince that I fond of. Not that because it means anything to me (it does not) but it's because of the drama in it. Seeing that I've grown up with Harry Potter, that also reminds me of being a younger person in those days, and missing it (HP). (But not gonna relate it with Illuminati and such here, no) Geez, I want to make those birds.

by icanread at tumblr
Oh gosh. That is hard to answer the first, though it's not as hard as the second. Even harder when it is turned other way around.
Who are you gonna be?
Although, yeah, I'm not taking it as hard as I should.

Haiz. I should stop updating blog. Till later.

p.s : All that I really want to say is actually in the title.


September 13, 2010 at 12:05 AM Anonymous said...

ouhh dont stop blogging xD

takde relation pon cerita dengan tajuk..


September 13, 2010 at 12:52 AM Farhan said...

aduhai. ada orang larang pulak haha

memang pun. nak bagitahu cerita pasal tajuk tu tapi malas lak nak tulis so tulis benda lain. har har har

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