The Day of Chemistry

Finally, I'm posting again here. It's been quite a time since my last post was published. There was nothing much interesting to write about. Hence, this mere post is only for patching that hollow. By the way, today, I had a Chemistry class conducted by B's mother.

I reached Seven-Eleven a few minutes before 3. (There's no need to tell that I'm a punctual person, right? Hehe) Atif stopped beside me a few seconds later, with his BN-blue Legend (pardon me!), having Adam behind him. I haven't expected that. The class should have started at 3. But, we can only plan, the God decides.

In the meantime, Izzul had his own crappy trouble to handle. His mother had taken the motorcycle away to somewhere, leaving him 'terkebil-kebil' waiting. Atif had to fetch him then. Due to 'ketiduran'of B, the class'd been defered to 3.30. Crap, had to wait for another 20 minutes. Nevermind.

It was a good class. My eye of Chemistry had turned wider now. More brain nerves had been stimulated too, i supposed. It was 5, which means that we should leave. I don't know if there is another class or not. Ramadhan is appearing too. Seyh. Before home, I had to let Adam sit behind, and took him to Cherang Futsal Centre (I made up that name). And, another part of my plan for today had been altered. Damn.

I'm actually straining my brain to think up of a nice topic to write but it's hopeless. Maybe later, okay. Havaniceday.


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