A Wet Outing

It's been high time i write the story regarding my family wet outing to Jeram Pasu (I just had to go along). However, right now, I've got my laziness beaten under my bare foot. It was an usual occasion except for a panic situation i witnessed.

That horrible incident happened when we were about going home. I was having my eyes straying around, seeing the luxuriant scenery when they unexpectedly catched something. I saw people surrounding two men who were trying doing CPR on a kid. Gosh. I've never seen that live before. They committed CPR a few times and lifted the poor drowned child upside down to boot.

It was so pity to see that but I don't even feel like crying at all. As far as I know, that poor 3 years old kid was an OKU who was unable to talk. (He/She's not mute though. There must be something with his/her mental). Back to the story, his (It's damn irritating to write both. I'll just go by a boy then) father had been looking him for a while when he handed him over to his mother. But, she doesn't even get into the water when looked after him who was glefully playing water. Consequently, the action she chose caused the tragedy.

That kid was safe though. They went home after that as a matter of urgency. Due to the incident, I felt like writing about CPR. It's the short of CardioPulmonary Resuscitation. It looks so simple but I haven't tried it yet, so I cannot tell you how it actually is. I found three simple steps for this rescuing technique but the source suggested that a CPR training course is also needed.

I didn't get into the water at all

It wasn't really scenic, I suppose

Check the victim for unresponsiveness. If there is no response, Call an ambulance and return to the victim. In most locations the emergency dispatcher can assist you with CPR instructions.

Tilt the head back and listen for breathing. If not breathing normally, pinch nose and cover the mouth with yours and blow until you see the chest rise. Give 2 breaths. Each breath should take 1 second.

If the victim is still not breathing normally, coughing or moving, begin chest compressions. Push down on the chest 11/2 to 2 inches 30 times right between the nipples. Pump at the rate of 100/minute, faster than once per second.

Then, continue with 2 breaths and 30 pumps until help arrives.
NOTE: This ratio is the same for one-person & two-person CPR. In two-person CPR the person pumping the chest stops while the other gives mouth-to-mouth breathing.

That's it. I hope you got something from that as i do. Maybe you could carry that out practically on the days ahead. But don't you drown anyone only to test that. I won't be responsible for that.


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