Leadership Dinner

On the eve of school day after a week of school holiday, all the members of Students Representative Council had been urged to emerge at New Horizon Garden for Leadership Dinner (I made up this one) a.k.a Makan Malam Pimpinan. The ceremony started on 9 and the prefects, for sure, had been there earlier. (Except for ones that are not to be stated here) Teachers were there early too.

The guest were welcomed cherishly (were they?) and they got a paper and a small pouch each. I, in yellow, having my father's samping around my waist, sat at a table with Syakirin, Afnan, Harith, Fikri, Amir, Shafik, Zaim Najmi and our beloved KP, Zaim Samsuri who wore jubah that night. The ceremony started with the speech of BD's representative teacher, Ustaz Wan Bakri with his 'alu' theme, followed by Mudir. The occasion was first been conducted by Ustaz Hasnan, who tried to cheer up the atmosphere with his France joke. Hamzi (the Director with his Jawa style) then replaced him later.

The 'gong' yelled after being beaten by Mudir for 3 times, inaugurating the ceremony. The augury slide then played. That damned sound part ruined it all due to accidental press. Grrr. I felt like kicking someone's ass savagely. LOL, evil style. The eating scene than followed. There were about 7 different dishes, I suppose.

Shafik : Farhan, is that your camera? (Referring to my Nikon Coolpix S200)
Farhan : Yes?
Shafik : Oh. Great. How lucky I am to be sitting the next to you tonight.

Moments later, the awaited Lucky Draw event began. All the 3 highest of the authority got something to take home not to mention both female teachers. I got nothing though, with that damned 199. It's the only part filled with non-utmost hilarity that night.

Hamzi : The next lucky number is... Zero... Zero...
Haikal : Four!?
Hamzi : Four
The back table occupiers then burst into sheer laughter, drawing a lot of attraction.
Hamzi : Ape tu?

The night ended at 11.30. Harith were gone since 10.30. His mom would be mad if he strays out late. All people then grabbed the chance of snapping pictures for their memorial except for few. I was home a bit late, experiencing some fractious moments. It was rainy when I left. I wondered how would it be for the next year. Urm...


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