Four Are Done And Weeks Are Waiting!

Assalamualaikum. Hey, how's it hang'n yo! (Did I greet just like Anwar Hadi yo? And, no, I'm not gonna write on vloggers. No matluthfi, no afiqsays, no charlieissocoollike, no smosh, no nigahiga, no davedays, no blah blah blah)

Yeah, what's up? It's been 7 days since the promised 20th February. Eheh. So, the examination's done, 2nd semester's done and I'm at home. Yeay! The first two days at home got me struggling getting Emma to connect to the internet with an ancient-modem-with-no-updated-driver-compatible-for-windows-seven-64-bit. I somehow managed to get Internet Connection Sharing (that came out of nowhere) to work.

It's been quite a moment since I write properly in English. It also struck me that my English is quite rusty already. Shame on me yo! Hence, in order to prevent me from humiliating my own self with crappy words, this entry is presented with lots of pictures..


Rode a taxi straight to University Station with bags. Heavy bags. Heavy, compact bags.  

Buying a ticket, yeah. It can't be something else.

Around 4, it was like this.

Welcome to Damai! And bye, on the next day.
Waiting for a taxi. Fathi had somehow managed seducing me to watch The Mechanic before we set out for our hometown.  Lucky enough the movie was good.
6:25pm, rode a taxi straight to Hentian Putra with other heavy bags. Nerve-snapping-when-lifted-heavy-bags.

6:55pm, Hello Putra!

This was around 9pm. The bus was scheduled to depart at 9.30 but it somehow reached the station at 10.05, and the journey started at 10.15. Typical? Yeah. Still, when will that start being atypical instead? Oh, it was a hot night, also. Sweating was much expected. See Fathi fanning himself?

Not to make the atmosphere gloomy, these kids enliven the night with shouts (despite of the roaring buses outside), running back and forth chasing each other. They were totally out of their mother's control. Ah, sweet childhood moment for them. 

2.30 am, stopped at Merapoh.
6.05am, hello Parkson! Long time no see.
The very last class party had me assaulted with a few questions that I feel like noting here. Just a few that I remember and they were in Malay.

1. Kenapa perwatakan kau dalam blog dan luar blog berbeza?
- don't judge a blogger by his writing, at least not me.

2. Tak berminat nak tulis novel ke?
3. Adakah kau rasa kau cool?
4. Kenapa kau tulis blog?
5. Kau baca novel apa?
6. Kau ni rajin ke tak?
7. Bilik kau kemas ke tak?
8. Kenapa kau berbeza dengan dua orang kawan kau ni?
9. Kau pemalu ke?

There was no killer questions. *sigh* That's all that I remember and that's all for now. Ah, this entry doesn't even help you increase your iman. Shame on me yo! Assalamualaikum.

p.s : I don't think that it's this kind of post that those arid readers of mine expect.


February 27, 2011 at 2:32 AM ♥sugArplum♥ said...

hey! most of the questions that you've jot down come from me?!?!?! haha..

February 27, 2011 at 2:52 AM Farhan said...

yes, for your mouth is the only one way too active all the time on that night. heh

February 27, 2011 at 11:36 AM Anonymous said...


anyway, love the third pic.


February 27, 2011 at 12:20 PM Farhan said...

bosan? memang pun. eheh

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