Not A Rainy Day. But I Miss Rainy Days

Hi. It's me again here (and of course it is me. Who else could it be?) I guess, I am pretty addicted yet again to this. Well, it's been a veryyyy longggg time. No wonder I am.

The days kept stretching on and on. Last week, everyone was busy with this AGM (Annual Grand Meeting), that MAT (Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan) and such held by various societies here. It was said that Student Activities Department (STAD) had included in their portfolio that every societies here should have their own AGM each year. And, Tadaa! We students can see many many posters with different designs pasted everywhere; the walls, pillars, noticeboards etc. But is getting lesser this week, which is quite a good sign.

Okay, so I have been here for more than 6 weeks, when I remembered a few things that happen during the very first days I was here.

During the Ta'aruf Week, a few handphones were claimed to be lost at UKC1. I also did see two seniors were talking with a policeman, I suppose (unless I've mistakenly taken him as one and he could actually be a warden) A few days later (I guess it was after Ta'aruf Week), a senior's laptop also went missing, making me thinking again about bringing Emma here.

That's just few cases, so many days back, and at UKC1. There are still other colleges here. Who knows how is it today?

Till later. Bye.

p.s : I am really really out of things...


August 12, 2010 at 10:38 PM Anonymous said...

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