After Six Weeks...

If you're thinking of continue reading, do remember that you're not gonna get back your precious minutes through this.

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Heya guys. It's been quite a time since I last spilled anything here, particularly after my leave. (Fawwaz had been urging me to write too, kind of) Life here is not so hectic that I don't even have the slightest seconds of my time to say
Gosh, It's been donkey's years since the last blog update!
Life's fine and great.
Gotta go now.
on the blog. (Though I don't really mean that 'fine and great' part) Nevertheless, it's just that I don't have my own laptop here. Not that there's no other way, but, seriously, I won't dare to borrow others for hours to complete one crappy post as I used to before, at home. (Yeah, it usually takes hours for a single post, really, that I've never been great at telling things, made me sometimes thinking I could be a man of a few words which I'm not really sure whether I'm understanding it the right way or not. Theoretically, all men are but still some are doing just fine. Geez, I don't even know why I am bothered about this)

Back to the topic (hours for a post), I'm kind of feeling guilty that it doesn't actually takes hours to finish, but still, a long time, that I can't believe I'm actually typing this of a paper that I've scribbled beforehand. Let alone doing it at Cyber Cafe. I can't imagine how Galleons would I have to pay *** Okay, not just because of time, internet connection here is sooooooo crappy. We cannot register the laptops to get access to the internet YET (after weeks), and it is widely known to be really slow, not to mention that the connection at Cyber Cafe is also such a wreck. (And they even dare to hang banners with "Internet Laju" on it) Due to this situation, we have to use an anti-censorship software to get access to the wireless connection illegally, but they CANNOT blame us, right? Some also use broadbands because of this.

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Can you imagine that you're opening Google Mail in standard version but failed that you have to do it in the basic HTML version (and it also failed, sometimes)? Or you are opening Google Reader and it always failed that you have to reload for a few time-wasting-times? Or you are opening Facebook and all the interface items are in such a mess that need reloadings? But still, you reload and reload, you can't have "Older Posts" button at the bottom, you can't go online on Facebook Chat as it takes ages to load friend list, and a few others that I don't feel like typing here? Well, that's how it is here. (And don't tell me to cool down, be patient. I'm just exaggerating, you know. Okay, I'm not really exaggerating! It does happen, for god's sake.)

Okay, time to stop that crappy intro. I'm gonna write about things here. I will. However, I'm wondering how many people would stop reading this post, skip to the last line, or they might even miss this particular line. Nevermind.

Well, it has been...*rush away for calendar* *come back*...6 weeks I'm here, away from home. But heck, I don't know what to write.

The orientation week was damn boring. Lectures are OK, I guess. But, the crap is, I was caught with my very first chemist tutorial undone, and I screwed up the chemist first quiz. Also, I've started falling asleep during bio lecture. Crap. Okay, let's pray that won't ever happen again. Never. The midterm examination is in July but still, I haven't cope things well, yet. (Darn! It's in this month!)

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Anyway, being here has turned me back into an avid reader (Some are novels, you can say). Alas, they're not really academic books to say. (Which would bore me out of my mind. Not always actually. Sometimes. It could also mean they're less interesting, you know, that I might fall asleep halfway through it)

Somehow, it might stuck you how could some lines on those mere fiction papers were alike to your past days of life, or might not. I even used to be said having false, silly instincts (If you can call them instincts) But, still, at least that is what I believe it is. Knowing you're life is kind of related to those lines as though make me being slapped on the face that the hand even said...
That's it! You silly rotten stupid goddamn ignorant bastard!!!
Past is past, though. Being here is rather alone, also, in spite of everything around. But who cares anyway.

Oh, I was back from BTN also. It was last week. Mind you, it was bloody boring. That's what I had. It was also not as bad as I expected, with ridiculous damned activities and such. Still, I can't help thinking it might be because of the name of the institution I'm in now (and the students), or the program would go the other way. Well, I've heard stories, a few, that I'm not sure what the others have at all other places.

Okay okay okay. I guess I'm too carried away for this post that I can type a few series of it. Or I can even write a novel! What an idea. But heck, I'm not gonna do that, for sure. And that means I'm gonna have to stop now.

Few days back, I can also feel like some part of me is ebbing away. I don't know how and why, or maybe that's the way I am but.. Darn! I'm about ending and I can't let this begin again. Not this time.

Okay, Bye!

***An exception for this post. It have actually reached hours. Typing this alone is sooooo time consuming.

p.s : I forgot to write about washing machines here
p.s.s : The nearest-to-my-room water cooler machine is broken, for two days already and still, no action done by the management side. They need time, maybe. Well, 'take' your time.
p.s.s.s : I heard that we can already register for wireless connection while typing this.
p.s.s.s.s : I haven't done my Bio lab report, Chemist lab report and Arabic homework.
p.s.s.s.s.s : But I think I'm not gonna spend most of my tomorrow doing them.
p.s.s.s.s.s.s : If you have been reading from the top until this very bottom, thanks for 'wasting' your time on this. Appreciate that very much.
p.s.s.s.s.s.s.s : If you have skipped some parts of the post to read this, well, I'm not gonna say anything, but still, thanks for reading.


July 3, 2010 at 7:33 AM ani said...

p.s.s.s.s.s.s : If you have been reading from the top until this very bottom, thanks for 'wasting' your time on this. Appreciate that very much.

hahaha..ore baco sapa abes~
weeeeeee..jeles ehh nge ore biso eng...nk wk post gni ugop..nice!!

July 4, 2010 at 3:44 PM Farhan said...

ani : sapa abes? wowo tahniah ah haha. ore tak biso eng pn ess. satni baca balik. tengok ada error situ sini. tapi dah dibetulkan, tak usahlah cari-cari haha (tapi anda mungkin akan terserempak dengan yang lain. terlepas pandang, mungkin hoho)

AtikAh : suka jas? bakpo bakpo? huhu. sero takdop cite lucu dale ni. tapi takpe. kalu ada akan kuletak. wowo

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