Here Comes The Hoped-For Moment

12:01 p.m. 5 November 2008. The awaited moment finally arrived. I was happy. Really. No need to learn sentences that I don't even understand by heart anymore. No need to burn the midnight oil which also mean not staying up late (to study) and whatsoever. What a relief. Truly. The initial moment of freedom was celebrated by hooraying not to mention by the explosion of crackers, done by some with low mentality.

Those last two papers was kinda...not good. But I just can't stop not bothering it anymore. I've got more things to do rather than worrying that I'll fail and whatsoever. I'm not expecting much this time. Just can't bother about it. By the ending of the examination, that means I'm about to step into another level of my level, reminding me of how old I am.

There's so much things planned that I don't think I'd be able to accomplish all of them. Be that as it may, I don't feel like sharing the list yet will just be kept personal. Those mandatory ones should be sort out, though, by hook or crook. Something came up today. Unexpected, it was. Yeah, for sure. However, there must always be something behind it. (Oh no..rant?)

By the way, Barack Obama was elected as America's first black president, sweeping to an historic election victory. Cool. And oh. He's Christian, Protestant Christian whose father was a Muslim.


November 6, 2008 at 12:00 PM arsaili said...

salam...i vote for him too ..umm

November 6, 2008 at 5:46 PM farhan said...

wassalam.. he said thanks ;)

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