It Was A Booth Stray Day

My days go on as usual, just without books anymore, which is utterly venturesome. I'm about going through one of the climax in my life next year that I better get braced as soon as I can. But the atmosphere I currently live in doesn't practise that. Well, sort of. Adding to the flaw, people use to chaff each other discouragingly. Sigh. This is just the right time to disregard those galling words, which, many people don't though.

By the way, yesterday I went to the Science & Technology Carnival at Balai Islam. It was the inauguration day. It should actually be done by Tuan Guru Haji Nik Abdul Aziz but his deputy (I suppose) turned up. I was actually there for federal business, no other reasons hah. Strayed from booth to booth, I collected each pamphlets that my eyes caught. Wired. Sigh. Nothing much was there yet. It's only the first day.

Right behind the entrance door, stood some small booths, offering this and that. One of them sell books at the usual spot, near the stairs. As for the inside of the hall, more booths were available. At either side were informative ones while the either side ones were selling computers, parts and whatsoever.

By the way, back to the pamphlets hunting mission, there were so much types of design that I managed to collect. Ones that deserves thumbs up and even others that merits just footprints.

And this is the aesthetic one to me. Nice colour blending making it looks cheerful.

Well, this is just the one of the first day. Maybe the've printed other ones for today and the next two days, who knows.

"It does no good to dwell on dream"
Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

p.s : what the heck? a post of damned pamphlet pictures?

p.s.s : I haven't yet read all those


November 9, 2008 at 10:07 PM Anonymous said...

u are retarding us!

November 18, 2008 at 12:49 PM farhanmohd said...

Anonymous :
i did? how come?

witty :'re not, do you?
(choosing IR for intern)

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