So Oldish!

The days of this year is about ending. Pretty soon I guess. There's so much thing that I've gone through, yet there is something more ahead, waiting to be discovered haha. BTW, bukan lelaki was so wired yesterday that he rambled codswallop in English. Well, I got carried away too LOL. At least I had someone for that. Oh, I had something that afternoon.

Yesterday, my former classmates held our annual party. Well, sort of. It was at A.M.Tarbush. That was the first time I reached there heh. Some of us weren't there not even the teachers, making it not really much happening. The place was quite nice though, not to mention the dishes haha. I'd so much appetite hehe. We were there not quite long or we'd be charged with extra fees. Heck. We better go home than paying more haha.

A couple of days ago, I was at my uncle's. There, I found his unused ancient computer haha. Well, it was so old, that's why. Really really oldish! Adding to the bittersweet part, it was left untouched under the stairs, not functioning and dusty. IDK since when it did exist and I'm just too lazy to search for that LOL. I then brought it home to look at it. Just to look at haha. Attached to this thing odd ports and slots. Here are some photos of this old-fashioned machine that I feel like sharing hehe. It might be an older version of SDRAM that I've known. Maybe.

Keyboard port
RAM and whatever slots LOL
p.s : Who want this? LOL


November 4, 2008 at 4:23 PM yonna bebot =) said...

saya tak suka komponen2 komputer :p
tp saya suka main komputer haha

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