What An Acquaintance...

I was on Facebook, wandering around when I had somehow got into a Celcom U.O.X fanpage (I didn't really know if it was a fanpage or else, but it was something such, that's all I can say), reading people's comments, requesting bonuses that I did not have the faintest idea what were they really are. I kept on reading that I got into another U.O.X fanpage, which was claimed to be official one, when I found something. Guess what?

Polar bear by Castor Lycan at DeviantArt

Well, okay, they shouldn't be that scary though for they're not those bears you're bumping into while having a walk by the seashore through the forest or jungle for, idk, maybe filling some of your leisure time in the evening. But, hey! The picture above is not even scary, at all! I meant to find the ones with frightening faces but ended up having the one with that cute babyface (not quite a baby, though). Geez, nevermind. And also, they are not the bears that you're hugging so tightly before sleeping, which are then kicked off the bed during your sleep, hard onto the cold floor. (sedikit kekejaman. pity, pity bears)

Anyhow, here they are, as seen on the YouTube.

Bet that, if they manage to make a drama having those bears as the main characters, it will beat Adamaya down the ranking. Wahaha.

OMG. Did I just write about bears? BEARS???

Gloomy Bear by p!ng at Flickr


May 16, 2010 at 1:38 PM miss nureen said...

teddy bear tomeii

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