Saturday Comes Again

As the title said, it does. Another setting out day to go through, better than planned, i guess. Late in the morning, I was actually about heading to Izzuddin's to get all my backup data that's securely kept in his Sacred Buffalo Portable Hard Disk. He said that he wasn't around by the time, so I went off to KBMall, intending to go to some computer outlets, window-shopping for some monitors (they weren't really behind the window, so I don't know if it's also called so).

About the monitor, the current one was already died, I guess. She is just too old to work anymore. The power input won't just get into that boxy that I can't even have a message on the screen that it was disconnected from the CPU. Instead of repairing the dying one, buying another is much better.

Monitor (2004-2010) in memories. Rest In Peace.

Saturday, it was. And that means lotsa people, less parkings. Geez. Still, i managed to get one. There, Zul, Hazim, Nabil and Nadzrey appeared. They're really haunting KBMall, really. Smashing the bowling pins; their favorite, as i prefered being a watcher, watching enthusiastically. On the same time, a crowd of Orang Utans that came to the city were also throwing bowling balls a few lanes distance from us. (We were at 5, the could have been somewhere about 1 or 2) Banging the floor and barking from time to time - it was just soo annoying.

Bowling was done, pool was targeted later. I carry on with the main mission (Monitor!) later. We were just hanging around at the food court and somewhere around the mall after that. Nothing much, as usual before going home.

Yet, tomorrow is another day to come.



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