Pacing on

Life, it's meant to be colourful, isn't it? With the people, things that happens and, everything!

Everyone's started posting goodbye messages through the  blogs, yahoo messenger and facebook. Leaving home, family, friends and go on for a new life. Geez. I'm wondering when is the time for me, and how would it be. They even stated those things they're missing. Home, family, friends, schools, facebooks, staying up late, being on the lappy for the whole day and the list goes on and on. Yeah, gonna miss them for sure.

Hoping for something scary, I don't know how to describe it eheh. After all, it's all about the future. My mom was going through some pictures of Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka when a few pictures attracted her attention and she said...

Jangan berkenan kat girls macam ni, jangan

She said so, addressing to their way of dressing that it should already struck you how was actually their dressing as she blurted that out. Haiz. Don't worry mom, I won't ever. Not those types eheh. Thinking of going is a thing, but thinking of living is another, surviving or not, is another, i guess.

Photo by Pitrisek at Deviantart

A few days back, there were quite a lot activities that are worth updating for this blog. As ever, though, they were secure in the idea box of mind before POOFFF!!! gone. I did felt like updating about the BBQ but Atikah, Hani, Ain and Afiqah had done that so I just read theirs, putting away mine eheh.

Some of the friends are already leaving. Goodbye peeps and goodluck in everything.

p.s : Sewaktu menaip post ni, lagu The Click Five - Empty sedang dipusingkan. Buka blog Afiqah kejap, dengar pula lagu Kiroro - Best Friend haha. Apesal dengan mood lagu hari ni, aku pun tak tahu. Tapi memang kena la kot eheh.


April 30, 2010 at 2:44 PM assabakie said...

hoh..jangan dok berkenan yer!...haha
lgu bestfren ko blog piqoh..tok pehe~~hehe
erm..diorang rajin menaip kesah2..hehe

April 30, 2010 at 5:54 PM miss nureen said...

hoh ur mom dah kasi green lite suh kene ko sapo2 hop juruh tuh! ayt kias tuu~

wes cto je la, len org len story maa~~

May 1, 2010 at 9:00 AM Farhan said...

assabakie : dop bil dop. tak berkenan pon~ hehe
hom lagu besftren. aku bukok google translate baru fehe haha
kesah2 untuk tatapan anak cucu kam~ hee

miss nureen : hom, kena kene ko hop juruh dah la gitu gap~ hoho

cto? haiya,, nati la kalu ada rezeki hehe

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