Resting. Ramadan's ending

Finally, my Firefox managed to break through the net after a few days of rest. Crap. Due to some problems that I don't feel like telling, I can't access the net. I feel better now though. Thanks to the guy! Haha. Who is he? He is no angel. Just a guy. Lol. (To the intended person; I can see your nostrils are expanding and shrinking again and again, relentlessly! haha ) By the way, thanks for this. Gosh. I've never thought that I would say this. Damn. I grabbed the chance to update my pitifully longing blog. The holiday's about to start. Yeah, I'm pretty excited. Am i? Nah.. Doesn't feel like it haha. I'm currently involved in some projects. Arh. It's dangerous for my study.

We had some Eid wishing today. The Ramadan's going to the end already. So fast isn't it? I don't think I've spent the time well. Nevermind. Hope you do have worthy moments though. Back to the story, we got an extremely long queue of students waiting to wish the teachers before the holiday, (No photos, sorry) inviting each other to the houses, hand shaking, embracing and whatsoever. Great moment it was. But, remember, we have to fast still. And study more too. The examination's lurking haha. It's quite scary to fail. Oh no.

I feel like having more walk this year. Beware guys. You might found me standing in front of your house LOL. Happy Fasting to the end people. No skipping hehe. Happy Eid ul-Fitr. (5 more days to go la)

p.s : I haven't got my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yet. ****. Anyone generous? Hehe


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