CFS IIUM Wireless Connection (Wi-Fi)

So, here it is, the post about the wireless connection at CFS IIUM, PJ. Yes, wifi. Before I go on, do note that what I'm gonna tell are all based on my intimate relationship experience with the connection for just about two months at CFS, meaning that all these following points are all personally from me. Moreover, I don't have any statistical data to prove them. Hence, they tend to be inaccurate and irrelevant or this entry could be totally wrong in any possible way. Anyhow, I'm gonna write about this, still. I'm really into this wifi thing at this very moment, kinda.

Here, there are three different CFS wireless connection that your wireless adapter may detect. One of them is named iium-community, the one which the students need to register to use as it uses WPA setting to assure the connection security. You may get more information regarding this at the official CFS Wireless Service Website.

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On the other hand, the other two wireless connection are not as secure as iium-community. There are bad part and good part about these two. The bad part is, students need login details to use the connection even though they don't need to register to use them. I don't think these two are intended for public student use, though, that only the staffs at Information and Technology Department know the login details. (They don't paste them on the notice boards, you know) However, even if you do know the login details, the connection can only be used till about 5pm, and for the next day, you would need a new login details. Yes, they change it everyday, I suppose. The good part is, the login details can actually be bypassed, with no time limit.

When it comes to speed, users undoubtedly would want a fast one. However, when one connection (iium-community) is shared by all the students at CFS, can you imagine how slow it could be? Well, okay, it might not really that bad (especially for the ones who are used to slow connection) but for some others, it is quite a pain. Even the other two wireless connections could be way faster than iium-community at times.
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Well, it is actually not that slow at all times though. I did notice that the connection could be a bit faster during class hours. However, it is not always the best time to go online, also, right? We won't get the whole morning and afternoon free of classes. Well, most of us, students. Oh, the connection could also be awesomely satisfying when students are going home for holidays. But, geez, who is gonna stay at hostels during holiday??? Just for the wifi?

In addition, as any other education institutes (I suppose), they also block peer-to-peer traffic here, at least as far as I could tell. So, don't bother about downloading torrent, especially with the connection condition.

Due to these, so many students use broadband, WiMax, and such, I suppose. They wouldn't stand with the free connection for any longer, especially the heavy downloaders.

Err, how long would the download list need with that transfer rate?
That one was at home though, no,no, not at CFS, and yes, it is not super fast either. Even with broadband, Streamyx, WiMax and such, we still do have things to complain, don't we? Yes, there is nothing perfect. But there are some that are better than others.

Okay, this entry might not be a good one. So, do correct anything wrong and CFS wireless users are welcomed to share their experience that might be beneficial to others. By the way, it is also said here that if your laptop is registered for Wireless Service at CFS IIUM PJ, you can also connect to the one at Gombak Main Campus. What about Kuantan? Well, it could be.

Okay, actually I forgot to write this. Generally saying, the wireless connection here is kinda okay, err, so-so, that you might not even need paid services. However, you might be hurt when it doesn't work the way you want when you are desperately needing it. There you go, wifi at UIA PJ. :D


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broadband apa yang laju kat situ?

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