It's been 14th Ramadhan already. Time really does fly, meaning it's closer to Eid, meaning it's closer to holiday, meaning it's closer to going hooomee. But heck, it also means closer to final and English is ahead of others (mine LEM0620) as English Speaking Test has just started this week and mine's today. Do pray for me!

If only I had done right during English Placement Test, I wouldn't end up having to sacrifice 9 hours per week just for English classes (this does not include extra time for groups projects and such). 9 hours! Be that as it may, compared to the other subjects, English has always been my savior subject. Oh gosh, why didn't I just take TESL in the first place? (Don't start it now boy. You don't want that. *Sigh*) The classes are quite enjoyable, so do the teachers that they don't make you that sleepy in class. Anyhow, let's just pray for the best today.

Another half of Ramadhan is about to pass by too. In Ramadhan, do you spend or save money? 'Cause I'm kinda having problems to answer that. Well, it could be both. Maybe. I think I'm more to saving. Do I? Don't really think so. Eh, no! Positive. I'm more to saving. *I'm more to saving**whispering to self*

Come, come, tomorrow.

This is what you get in Chemistry class.
p.s : I hate CFS's wifi although at the same time I'm thankful to be able to use it. But, still, I really really hate it.


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