It's Time For Comeback II

السلام عليكم guys (or girls, if any. IDK). I'm back here, finally. It's been quite a time isn't it? A few days ago, or maybe a couple of week, I scrolled down to the bottom of this blog homepage learning that the last post down there was on October. (As this entry was posted, it's not that october anymore) Gosh, what a time eheh.

Day after day, the 2008 of Gregorian Calendar is about ending. I hope you realize that. This holiday was way 'shorter' than before. Ah, I've mentioned that before, I suppose. Nevermind heh. As the year ends, giving birth to a new one, I'll be entering another level and phase of my life, reminding me of how old I am hehe. Yeah, I am getting old, not denying the undeniable fact. (ah so honest lol) By the way, as that happens, I'll now be bearing another responsibility. Not that I want it, but it's what I get.

Ah, the holiday is coming to an end. Nevertheless, I haven't yet completed some of projects given seyh.

1. Presentation 1 (merely started. at least I do)
2. Web (hosting under consideration. eheh. I'll be using CMS then, not bothering to think of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP anymore :D )
3. Design (It's for the magazine. I've just helped a little)
4. and others (I'm just lazy to think about these right now :P )

Lucky that I finally post for this blog eheh. I was a bit busy with the Youthsays Project, sort of. (Or I'm too lazy) Too my relief, it's already over. I've written those 15 Chapters as best as I could. Hope it's good enough eheh. I did missed the two days deadline for couples of time tsk. Hopefully there's no penalty for that XD.

Gosh! I haven't submitted my creative comment for Chuck Anderson Portfolio Book Giveaway. Gotta be hurry or I might missed the deadline and then cry for the rest of my life haha. Why don't you try too? If you win, do give me that treasure lol.

--- nonsense

I was talking to my lil sis, who was on her so called horse.

M : Kuda adik da mandi ke?
She : Tak, dia tak nak mandi
Me : La, nape pulak?
She : Dia tak nak kena sabun.
Me : Banyak songeh la pulak. Syampu?
She : Syampu pun tak nak. Nanti pedih mata dia.
Me : Beli la syampu yang tak memedihkan mata.
She : Takde, sumenye pedih.
Me : -.-" Kalau camtu berus gigi je la.
She : Berus gigi pun tak nak. Ubat gigi pedas.
Me : Laa, guna la Kodomo Lion. Kan tak pedas.
She : Takleh, yang tu pedas jugak.
Me : Seyh, budak nih. Kalau camtu kita sembelih aje la kuda nih. Buat gulai.
She : Takleh, takleh, dia dah nak mandi dah ni.
Me : Ye ke? Bagus la kalo gitu. Da syampu ke?
She : Da syampu dah.
Me : Sabun pun?
She : Ya.
Me : Berus gigi?
She : Tak, dia kata ubat gigi pedas.

Oh well, okay, I ran out of words. Another hectic year about to come.

p.s : wanz, don't you dare to put my picture
p.s.s : till now, i haven't got my "P"
p.s.s.s: i've not been playing with photoshop for donkey's years


December 24, 2008 at 7:13 PM Witty Angel said...

hehehe next yr spm!!kene study betol!

December 24, 2008 at 11:25 PM tsaqif said...

pero kuda ke?

December 25, 2008 at 9:32 PM farhan said...

a'a la. spm. tsk. kena ingat nih eheh

'pero' la. mengapa tidak? hoho

December 26, 2008 at 8:57 AM arsaili said...

salam..lamanya bertapa...sure banyak ilmu yg dapat eheheh...welcome back bro!

December 26, 2008 at 6:59 PM farhan said...

wassalam. takde la banyak pun eheh. thanks :D

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